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just another random day

The day when the cat broke all the freshly gathered eggs from the shed outside, that had been washed and were put to dry in the windowsill. We'll call it omelette day from now on. TAKK kísa! Best served with fried beets and sweet potatoes in lemon thyme butter. That day I was playing luxurious creature for once again after cleaning the hostel toilettes and stuff.
Until I went outside for a meet up with the sun.

6 minutes of enlightenment from Wolfin'ontheway on Vimeo.

Annotation & Recommendation:

These images have been collected while listening to Björk's Song "Not get" from 2015 Album Vulnicura.

Try to recreate the experience for yourself and put on this song while watching. & Enjoy.

Marie Dann

Sey∂isfjör∂ur, 2016.



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  1. de mam

    Du hast mir mit deinem Video 6 min Auszeit verschafft, die ich bitter nötig hatte, danke schön 🙂
    Genieß es weiter!

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