picture shows Marie aka Luis performing blù at their graduation show M. Luis is holding a blù wax pen with their right hand blind drawing lines on window glass, to frame the left out letter M in the middle of the window while facing to their left side where their performance fighter Izzy is standing, watching while holding a phone which is live streaming this action.

picture taken by Martin Hoffmann
diplo M – virtu real space performance MMXX

From within the
EMPATHY SPACE RESIDENCY – The Void & URC* proudly present:

synchronizitäten einer vorvergangenheit
oder: we keep vvaving at a distant futurepast.

LATEly, WE were TIME TRAVELING on the atlantic ocean while looking for / WIR waren kürzlich AUF ZEITreise und suchten auf dem Atlantischen Ozean nach BRAVE NEW WORDS

by clicking this link, find some futurepast virtù–reality
until this space dissolves its construction and dismantles itself a little more in clarity.

as one of the great thinkers of our time once said: „duh“