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being an island on an island on an island. together.

The small island of Hrísey welcomed us with open clouds.
Residing now for a month in the Old School building which was transformed into an Arthouse Residency with 4 rooms and a studio space to host at least the same amount of individual artists at a time, allows us eventually to, once again, catch up on the feeling of being one in the many! For now we share the house with three other humans.

Our lovely kitchen is set in the old classroom, where on the opposite wall you also find a big blackboard hanging above the couch of the living room space. This is where we spent most of our time creating simply fabulous meals from what the local supermarket provides us with. The shop which opens twice a day for a couple of hours, is at the same time bank and postoffice, as well as a place to get your daily coffee supply with free refill. This whole ensemble is led by a single person.

While we are still trying to figure out what greater good we could do in return for this unbelievable chance we were just given by the city of Akureyri, namely to spent our time in this tiny cosmos and do this residency due to the grant for a free stay, it's not completely easy to accept this lucky situation without questioning it too much .

We're getting better at it with every day!

Anyone who feels the need of getting in touch with us and this icy country via the old traditional way by pen on paper, is welcome to send a line or two to the following:

Marie Dann & Sara Zollinger
Gamli Skóli – Old School Arthouse
630 Hrísey
So far

until some more.


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